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Let me start my Blog with this !!!

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Let me start my Blog with this !!!

Whether you have a business, aspire to have one someday, or are content with your career or role in life just as it is at this moment, we can help you because being a Jesus Entrepreneur is for you – and so we have established The Christian Entrepreneur Network.

The entrepreneurial spirit burns within each of us as part of the creative beings we were made to be when He created us in His image. The word entrepreneur means to undertake or manage. It means taking charge, making decisions, taking action and using your creativity.  It means to be fully alive and fully responsible for who we are, what we do and how we make difference in the world.

We are called to be Christians and to follow Jesus Christ. That includes in the marketplace. Did you know we are also called to be entrepreneurs? That doesn’t mean each and everyone of us needs to own a business, but we all have a “business” in life; a way to serve others and make a contribution, and to receive compensation for that service.  Thats your business and we want to help you to do that well.

Today’s world is a challenge. Each day presents challenging circumstances and situations. As you stand at the edge of each of them, how do you decide what to do or where to turn next as a Christian entrepreneur?   We will help you make those important decisions.  Please support us by your prayers, participation, and in your donations to The Christian Entrepreneur Network.

May the peace of The Lord and Master Entrepreneur be with you!
Stan Hustad
Executive Director

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