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Welcome To The Christian Entrepreneur Network.

TCEN Global, The Christian Entrepreneur Network is Non-Profit from Arizona A 501(c)(3) organization is a nonprofit Educational and Charity organization in the federal law of the United States.

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You may support our Charitable Work

We are a charity with a Large Social Cause of Health Wellness and Hungry Children of this world. We want to be a self sustaining charity to sustain completely through the TCEN Buyers, TCEN Providers and TCEN Advertiser. However Initially our charity needs lots of fund to Implement this and the social cause. So We need your support as a donation.


We need buyers all around the world as they use and buy the service they not only get value but they support a great cause and get Tax Benefits.

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We need sellers in all the core ideas and functions so they could sell their services as charity affiliated.

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TCEN Global Advertiser

We need continuous support from donors across the world to keep this idea alive.

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